About Marie-Louise 

Marie-Louise Garratt is the Daughter of renowned railway photographer Colin Garratt. Consequently from an early age Marie-Louise was exposed to the art of photography, growing up in a Georgian farm house located alongside the Grand Union Canal deep in the soft Leicestershire countryside. From this idyllic base her father made his worldwide photographic expeditions and by the time she was 10 Marie-Louise had travelled to India, China, Eritrea,Alaska, Portugal and Ireland.  Marie-Louise, now a graduate from Plymouth University, has a passion for animal welfare and conservation, creating projects around these issues with the intention of informing audiences on these complex subjects and ensuring that divergent views are aired and debated. 

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(2016)  Plymouth University - BA (hons) Photography 

(2013)  Leicester College - BTEC Diploma, Photography

(2011)  Regent College - AS/A Level, Photography


(2017) 'Celebrating Photograds first birthday', Suffolk University. 

(2016)  'RAW 34' - Plymouth University Scott building, Plymouth. 

(2015)  'SECOND YEAR FINAL' - Plymouth University Scott building, Plymouth. 

(2013)  'SHUTTER' - Leicester peoples’ photographic gallery (LPPG), Leicester.

(2011)  'CLICK' - Crumblin' Cookie, Leicester.

(2017) 'Photograd's First Birthday exhibition' University of Suffolk.

Published work 

(2012) Images published - 'The Enchanted Village: Newton Harcourt'

(2013)  Billboard image- In Collaboration with Leicester college and New walk museum.

(2016)  Cover image - Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland Newsletter.

(2016) Leicester Mercury image of Beacon Hill.

(2016) Leicester Mercury, two page spread depicting home life.

Work in progress

(2018) Lighthouses of Britain and Ireland  

(2019) Canals of Britain and Ireland 


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