Griffon Vultures in Serra di Celano

So I’m back in Italy! And therefore I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again, so I can share with you my photography journey and experiences, for those that are interested! I’m tagging along with students who are volunteering for Salviamo L’orso whilst on their University placements. Salviamo L’osro, ‘We save the bear’ is a non-profit organization whose aims are to conserve the Marsican brown bear by improving human/bear relations through raising awareness and promoting conservation.

You can read more about the organization here-

We visited Serra di Celano to observe Griffon Vultures and look for the presence of bears. This was an amazing opportunity to capture some images and test my new cheeky little purchase, Canon 100-400mm IS II USM. 
I’ve never really photographed birds before, my equipment hasn’t been suitable and I’ve never had the patience (just being honest).  However, this sitting was what I would call a success. Firstly I was in a great position, and I had an incredible lens to thank, not to mention the size of these birds can reach up to 3meters in wing span. However, it’s very clear I need some practice with this bit of equipment as the images are not as sharp as they definitely could be, but that’s where practice comes in, and I’m bloody excited! If I’ve managed to get what I’ve already got, imagine what I could capture when I’ve mastered how to use it. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting more about my time here.
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