Grand Union Canal no.2

I’m dedicating this blog to the Grand Union Canal again because for one it is so damn beautiful and secondly I find it the most photographic place in the tiny village that I live in. As you know it’s been really frosty in Britain and this makes everything looks crisp,  the cold atmosphere against the warm morning sunlight are perfect things to capture for a classic winter photograph. Since I’ve been back from Uni, I’ve spent a lot of time photographing the canal, so much I think I need to make a separate folder on my website. The images below were taken this morning around 7:30am-800am, Enjoy!

Beacon Hill, Leicester.

Over the weekend I visited Beacon Hill. I’ve had a list of places I want to photograph for when I can finally drive and Beacon Hill has been jotted down, but seeing as it’s in the same city it’s easy enough to get to (with someone else driving haha). Anyway, last weekend was definitely the right time to go, there’s still enough leaves on the tree’s before they start looking bare and plenty on the floor, which is perfect for your classic Autumn picture. These pictures were only taken in passing, and I wish I spent more time creating them, however, I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out. As you can probably tell I’ve enhanced the colours no end, but not in an unnatural way, although editing is my favourite part of photography I believe in trying to keep the image as natural as possible. But sometimes an image will never look how you quite imaged it, and this was the case for the first image in this set, the top right on this image was very gappy in the tree’s and so a lot of white sky was visible, and for me this was distracting, so I slightly covered it up with the clone stamp from the other side ( you can probably tell ). I’m practising on my photoshop skills, not that I want my images to look fake but so I can enhance them in the most natural way. 

Thank you for reading!  

Grand Union Canal

Since returning from Italy, I’ve tried to seek beautiful scenery nearby like the ones I was surrounded by in Anversa, however, that is almost impossible as they’re two completely different places. Twice a day I walk along the canal and every day I learn to appreciate how beautiful my little village is, I’ve watched the evening sun create perfect reflections, seen mist evaporating into the cool air and now I’m experiencing the slow change of colours on the tree’s. These observations are becoming crucial to me, since leaving University in July I am learning how to stand on my own two feet as a photographer and trying to find my place in it all. The pictures above are my two favourite that I have made recently along the canal. Returning from Italy I had it in my mind I couldn’t possibly create beautiful images from the tiny village I’ve lived in all my life, but changing your perception and learning to appreciate the little things such as the changing of weather can make a huge impact to the way you view a scenery, home or not. 

Anversa degli abruzzi, summery.

After the bear monitoring weekend, I only had a short week left in Anversa, and sadly for most of this time it was raining, no observations were made but only checking camera traps. I’ve enjoyed my time in Italy so much I’ve even thought about moving there! It’s good to dream, but who said dreams can’t come true?
Below are a few images I’ve snapped in between these blog posts, I hope that whoever has been reading these posts have enjoyed reading about my time and the pictures I’ve made! 

Shortly after I’ll be posting images from Rome, as I decided to stay a little longer! 

Abruzzo National Park

This weekend we had a chance to visit the national park and observe the Marsican brown bear from a viewing space that was facing a mountain covered with the buckthorn, a type of berry which bears thrive off.  Over the course of the days we did four observations, two sunrises which were unsuccessful and two sunsets that were very successful. After a couple of minutes into the first sunset observation, we spotted our first bear, which was incredible to see! Shortly after we spotted another two, it was clear that the bears were thriving in this location. The second observation was so much fun to watch, we spotted nine bears, including a mother and cub, which was born this year! During this observation we got to see how the bears interact with one another as there was so many in a small area, quite a few times the mother chased away males for the safety of her cub which was incredible to watch. The behaviour between what we thought were males was also interesting because a pair began to play fight which might suggest they were brothers, seeing as bears are solitary animals they all separate when they become of age. 

It was so lovely to see this species thriving in the wild and acting as they should, unfortunately, because we were located so far away it was impossible to capture any photos, I did, however, get beautiful pictures of scenery and local deer that passed through the village nearby. 

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