Marsican brown bear

Yesterday started off as a normal observation day, waking up at 4.45 feeling ever so sleepy, doubtful but none the less excited for the ‘what if’. We arrived at our first location at sunrise and sat watching the mountain face for around 45 minutes, as the golden sun came up over the mountain, this spot where we had seen bears in the past did not look so promising today. Freezing our butts off we decided to gather our things and move to another location just 5 minutes away by car. At this new location, the mountain was fully absorbed in the sun, but as it was only around 8.30, we still had a very good chance of seeing our furry friend. After only 20 minutes of our eyes being fixed to binoculars, we couldn’t believe it when they came across a mother bear and two cubs (from what looked like this year) appeared out of the bushes and followed the path down the mountain. Typically, I wasn’t ready for such a fast appearance of the bear so I grabbed my camera as fast as I possibly could and started shooting. I am SO happy I bought the 100-400mm before I came because, without it, the bears would merely look like big bits of dirt on my lens. Although this wasn’t my first time seeing a mother and cubs, that initial feeling of when your eyes fix on the bear is the same, magical. 

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