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5 Gadgets for summer Vanlife.

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Let’s skip the ‘story’ and jump straight in… Since my last post, there has been a lot going on, an absolute whirlwind. So I am currently in England, writing this from my very own Iveco conversion! Made by my wonderful fella Ash. That whirlwind was to basically source everything, right down to saucepans to kit out a new van build as quickly and cheaply as humanly possible. In an ideal situation, there wouldn’t have been such a rush, however with a new fluffy addition to our family, it was the smart move to split into two vans and continue the convoy that once was. So its been about a month and half since my lovely little home has been liveable and along the way, I’ve discovered some things that would make me living in a van difficult and a little bit unpleasant, especially during the summer months. These gadgets have been used all along, but after upgrading they have made life on the road that little bit simpler, and a simple life is a bloody good one. 

Ridge Monkey

This item might actually be the best gadget when it comes to vanlife and camping. It essentially creates an oven which instantly broadens recipes. Since having this in the van it has been used almost every day. Roast potatoes, toasties, pizza and fry ups can now be easily made. It also copes very well on a campfire, to make the perfect juicy sausages. 
Click HERE to get yours. 

Perfect toasties!

Fire pit 

An item from the list that we currently already had a use for, but have come across something that makes the general campfire experience x10 better is a collapsible mesh fire pit. Our device was an old bbq lid, a clumpy item that would take up space in the van and have a tendency to set fire to the grass below. This collapsible pit is high enough off the ground that this won’t happen, more heat is distributed and absolutely nothing falls through the mesh, very important for leaving natural spaces as you find them. 

Click HERE to get yours. 

christening this well

A fan 

For the small space that is a van, during any warm spell, its just essential. Especially if you have a dog. Parking in the shade, with all windows cracked and the fan on meant I was able to go to work during a heatwave in Chamonix and the van stayed pretty dam cool for Bolski way after I returned. Up until recently, I had stopped using my current fan, it did its job however when I was trying to stealth park, the rattly mechanic didn’t allow me to hear a single thing that was going on outside, something that I feel is quite necessary when living in a van. This **rechargeable** fan is almost silent, has 4 settings and is a good compact size. I will say that I’ve only had the pleasure of using it for two days but it certainly ticks my boxes so far. 
The rechargeable version HERE (image below) is currently out of stock.
You can find the USB powered version HERE

Smartest fan going!

Microfibre Towel

This nifty little thing clearly isn’t a gadget but it may as well be! Microfibre towels are popular on their own, but with living in a van its another must. The one I have is used for Bolski, funnily enough, his towel is bigger and better than mine as I use a regular one and it always stays damp much longer than his. I tend to also use this as a soft cushioning for when we’re parked on gravel. 
Click HERE to get yours. 

Happy bean head

Portable Bluetooth speaker

I feel most people have these knocking around whether you live in a van or not. But the one I’m recommending is JVC, with this turned even a quarter of the way up it fills the van plenty with its brilliant sound quaily. It’s lightweight and compact which also makes it perfect for outdoor activities. 

 Click HERE to get yours.

I hope this small list of things has helped inspire you for kitting out your van during the summer months. If you take my advice on any of these items, you’re welcome! 

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