Marie-Louise Garratt

Book exchange at Champigny lès Langres, france.

With a fresh MOT on ‘the beast’ we set off from England exactly 10 days ago and in that time we have made it almost halfway down to Chamonix, where we’ll continue our winter season jobs. Ash as a handyman for some fellow English folk and I as a Chalet cleaner. I’ve had plenty of experience doing this kind of work, which is why I applied for it. I was capable and knew I would be good. That being said, I forgot about a promise I made myself when ending my last chambermaid job a few years back, and that was to never do it again! This was different however, these where peoples million Euro homes in the Alps that had on-suite bathrooms, gigantic windows and huge living rooms that were furnished to perfection and honestly I did feel very privileged to be able to clean them. But after every shift I was left truly drained, drinking their expensive coffee did very much help and not to mention the incredible views out every window, but it paid to keep me going so that’s what matters. 

A three story Chalet view from the dining room.

So far on our journey, we have stayed in some really quaint places, even creepy villages by churches aren’t too shabby! But this is a little dedicate post to a place found with the app ‘Park 4 night’ in the North east of France called ‘Champigny Les Langres’. It’s a small parking area alongside the canal dedicated for cars and just a few motorhomes, but without any services apart from a few water taps along the canal. There are public toilets but these were closed during our stay in April, perhaps they are only open during the summer months. An amazing little find at this place was a book exchange shelf readily open for the public or travelers to exchange reads. This is the first time I have come across anything like this while traveling, and after speaking to a lovely Australian couple they are quite popular among French villages. Of course, I wouldn’t know this as reading is not a hobby of mine. However, the few books I have read I have thoroughly enjoyed and now there is time on my hands its the perfect time to get stuck into another book. Most of the selection in French but a few English which helped narrow down my options to; ‘She’s leaving home’ (a book title that couldn’t be more relevant to me) and ‘Exodus’. They say you should never judge a book by the cover, and despite the so relevant title of the first, I did judge! And chose Exodus. Set in the future about rising sea levels which threaten the loss of an Island and a search for the new world. So far I’m 6 chapters in and loving it! I guess that judging isn’t all that bad after all eh?
So with all that said, I’m very fond of that little spot and advise anyone to stay there a night and pick up a book or exchange your finish reads. 

GPS coordinates- Lat- 47.881901 Long- 5.3386


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