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  1. 5 Gadgets for summer Vanlife.

    07 Aug 2019

    Hello, Hi Let’s skip the ‘story’ and jump straight in… Since my last post, there has been a lot going on, an absolute whirlwind. So I am currently in England, writing this from my very own Iveco conversion! Made by my wonderful fella Ash. That whirlwind was to basically source everything, right…

  2. Market in the mountains - Scouts, Cluses.

    28 Apr 2019

    We have finally arrived back in Chamonix! And damn does it feel good. Without a doubt Chamonix now feels like my second home. I have become so comfortable in this little mountain town and so familiar with everything, the fact that I’m in another country doesn’t even cross my mind.  Apart from not…

  3. Book exchange at Champigny lès Langres, france.

    21 Apr 2019

    With a fresh MOT on ‘the beast’ we set off from England exactly 10 days ago and in that time we have made it almost halfway down to Chamonix, where we’ll continue our winter season jobs. Ash as a handyman for some fellow English folk and I as a Chalet cleaner. I’ve had plenty…

  4. Where it all began.

    18 Apr 2019

    Hello and welcome to (yet again) another start to my blog. This time about travel, van life and everything that happens in between, my diary to be. I’m 25 years old, soon to be 26, and life hasn’t been as generous to me as I thought it might be -…

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