Marie-Louise Garratt

Salviamo L'orso, 'We save the bear' is a non-profit organisation, whose aims are to conserve the Marsican brown bear by improving human/bear relations through raising awareness and promoting conservation. They carry out numerous tasks that allow them to monitor the numbers of the bear and the general health. With money raised, supplies are brought to contribute to bear awareness and conservation as well as any damage they may cause within the mountains, such as electric fences for chicken coops, or damaged bee hives.

Each year Erasmus students take part on a three month volunteer programme that contribute to the overall welfare of the Marsican brown bear. Tasks during this programme include; The changing of local camera traps within the mountains, observations of bear and local wildlife, clearing up any waste from the land and other numerous tasks such as apple picking from small villages to detract bears from entering. All tasks big or small have the bears best interest at heart, working together and portraying a positive attitude will encourage local and non-local people to carry a good attitude and ultimately conserve the Marsican brown bear.

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